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  • New to genealogy? Start here!

    Many people are interested in the their family history, but are not sure where to begin. We know the names of our grandparents, and maybe our great grandparents, but little else. Finding our older generations may help to explain family traditions, identify potential genetic medical conditions, or prove those sketchy family stories. For many of… Read more

  • Getting a #grip on my education

    As a member of the Association  of Professional Genealogists, I am required to complete a minimum of twelve hours of relevant education every year.  This year, I will have exceeded that requirement by an astronomical amount.  As will probably every professional genealogist I know. There are a number of ways to fulfill the educational requirement,… Read more

  • Mid-Year Update: Part 2

    Mid-Year Update: Part 2

    My 2022 year in review post included my goals for 2023. It is always a good idea to take time to evaluate or re-evaluate goals, and the progression to those goals. So far, I’m on track here in 2023, and have a couple of new long-term goals in mind. The NGSQ Study Group with Cyndi… Read more

  • Mid-Year Update: Part 1

    Mid-Year Update: Part 1

    June 2023! It’s time for a midyear update and reflection. Here is my updated Seven Levels: No, there have not been a lot of changes. For one, I have been doing a deep dive into identifying my maternal great grandfather (that red block on Generation 4). I am pretty confident that I am in the… Read more

  • Solitude and the Single Mother

    Solitude and the Single Mother

    Week 15 – #52Ancestors Merriam-Webster defines solitude as “the quality or state of being alone or remote from society.”[1] Elizabeth Forrester, my paternal great-grandaunt is the closest ancestral relative I have who fits this description. Elizabeth was born 19 March 1837 in North Carolina to William and Nancy (Greer) Forrester. Elizabeth had nine (9) children… Read more

  • Begins with a Vowel – Ashe County

    Begins with a Vowel – Ashe County

    Week 14 – #52Ancestors Way before I took the deep dive into genealogy, I always stated that my parents were from Tennessee. This is true. My father grew up in Johnson County, Tennessee. My mother grew up in Bristol, Tennessee – but if you’re familiar with the city you know that part of it is… Read more

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