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  • The Outcast

    The Outcast

    Week 7 – #52Ancestors The theme this week is Outcast – I immediately thought of my grand-uncle, John Delp. John was born in February 1888, to Rush Delp and Anna Witt.1 I have found only three documents relating to his existence, but they tell a sad story. By 1910, John was a patient at the… Read more

  • Our Ancestors’ Social Media

    Our Ancestors’ Social Media

    Week 6 – #52Ancestors How many of us now depend on social media? I have connected with other genealogists in various Facebook groups. I share information and photos on Instagram. Both of these apps also allow me to keep in contact with family members who live in other states, and even on other continents. What… Read more

  • Right place, wrong county!

    Right place, wrong county!

    Week 5 of #52Ancestors in 52 Weeks – This week’s theme is “Oops”! When I was a brand new at genealogy research, my first “project” was to request a copy of my father’s birth certificate. Keep in mind that this was decades ago – way before information was available online. My father was born in… Read more

  • My Ancestors – Illiteracy and Education

    My Ancestors – Illiteracy and Education

    Week 4 – #52Ancestors This week, I am not focusing on a specific ancestor. When I first looked at the theme for this week (Education), I thought about the fact that prior to 1900, all of my known ancestors were farmers, primarily in Ashe and Surry Counties in North Carolina; Johnson County, Tennessee; Washington and… Read more

  • Go West, Young Man!

    Go West, Young Man!

    Week 3 = #52Ancestors About two years ago, I discovered that who I though was my grandfather was not. In my first research project using DNA, I determined that my biological paternal grandfather was a man by the name of Harrison Osborne. As a bit of background, my paternal grandmother, Crettie Sheppard, never married. However,… Read more

  • It Started with a Photograph

    It Started with a Photograph

    Week #2 – 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks This photo is the only image I have of my great grandmother, and one of two that I have of my great grandfather. These portraits were in the possession of my aunt (and I hope one of my cousins still has them). My aunt sent this photo… Read more

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